Ashtyn Bevan

Stacey Forrester_Ashtyn Bevan.jpgASHTYN BEVAN
Ashtyn Bevan is co-founder of Good Night Out Vancouver. She graduated from SFU with a BA in Communications and excels in creating online content for social change. Ashtyn was inspired by the work of the UK Chapter of Good Night Out while doing a semester abroad and was the force behind establishing a chapter in Vancouver.

Don’t miss Ashtyn’s session on Monday, April 23rd: #metoo and the Nightlife Economy
Session info:
For too long, cat calling and harassment has been considered a “normal” part of a night out for women. In today’s climate of #metoo , we now can see that sexual harassment is pervasive, with 63% of Canadian women reporting that harassment has left them feeling distracted while at work or school.

Good Night Out Vancouver was founded out of  an awareness of the links between alcohol consumption and sexual misconduct and harassment,  initiated from community concerns that staff and patrons in Vancouver’s nightlife and entertainment industry are often under equipped to recognize or prevent these behaviors from happening, nor do they always have the skills, resources or time to navigate complaints of this nature.

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