Tackling the Looming Room Attendant Shortage

Tuesday, April 9
2:00pm - 3:00pm

The BCHA has completed two surveys on industry labour shortages and it is very clear that Room Attendants roles are the #1 shortage area. It appears that there are no easy solutions in sight.

Many factors are influencing the hiring pool, including: the average age of workers is climbing, WorkSafe claims are rising, difficult demographics, and plentiful other seemingly more rewarding job opportunities.

Traditional recruitment avenues to fill these roles are drying out and are no longer effectively meeting the needs of operators. Further, it is becoming clear that wages aren’t the issue, as wages have climbed significantly over the past years. Rather, it is a supply issue!

This session will cover:

  • an innovative approach of sub-contracting to outside agencies which is gaining traction and proving its effectiveness

  • international recruitment options and what is required to be successful

  • what hotels will need to consider when evaluating what options to pursue

Speaker panel includes: James Chase, Brett Mollard, Christine Willow, David McQuinn