Mocktails to Mojitos: Maximizing Beverage Program Profits in 2019

Tuesday, April 9
11:30am - 12:30pm

People are choosing to drink less quantity and higher quality when they go out. This is especially true with the younger demographic. Considering that your beverage program is the highest margin part of your operation, how do you maintain high profits in this changing landscape?

Through providing innovative, industry leading programs, focusing on quality offerings, you can offer your guests an amazing experience, where you profit, and they don't end up with a hangover. Through a variety of techniques, including properly educating your staff on high end wines and spirits, offering a fun and diverse cocktail program, and having an innovative and deep non-alcoholic set of options, you can offer something for everyone. Through proper execution the average spend per a drink order will go up, therefore maintaining your revenue and profit, even in the changing environment where people are drinking less.

Presenter:  Brice Peressini