Monitoring Customers’ Cannabis Use without Compromising Service Quality

Tuesday, April 9
10:00am - 11:00am

Cannabis legalization has created a new level of responsibility for BC hospitality operators. It becomes more important for you to watch for customers who are using alcohol and cannabis together, as co-use can lead to greater impairment than either substance alone.

How do you handle impaired customers while staying high in service quality? What are your legal obligations? What are some best practices on service and etiquette? Are there resources available to you?

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Session Sponsor

Join one of the industry’s most entertaining panels – Tim Ellison, Director of Operations, PICA; Lorne Folick, Dolden Folick Wallace LLP; and Jeff Guignard, Executive Director, ABLE BC – as they offer their perspectives on this topic. Walk away with some practical tips for your operation.