About Chinese Medication and Kelowna Acupuncture

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About Chinese Medication and Kelowna Acupuncture


Typical Chinese Medication (TCM) is a popular treatment for pain and discomfort. It is among the oldest systems of medicine. TCM is a standard version of Chinese medicine that has been practiced in China for centuries. It is a recovery system that makes use of disinfected instruments for the purpose of regaining the body’s equilibrium. TCM is among the most popular clinical treatments worldwide.

TCM uses six modern-day restorative methods. They include acupuncture, cupping/scraping, moxibustion, Chinese herbs, tui na massage, and TCM nourishment. Kelowna Acupuncture is one of the most used procedures of TCM. It normally is ruled out as a stand-alone treatment but as a part of TCM and it can assist in psychological in addition to emotional issues such as tension and also anxiousness problem.

How does it works

The practice TCM procedures include the insertion into the skin, tissue, and muscles at selective points. The insertion is a vital aspect and is meant to launch the blood circulation of internal power or chi.

According to Chinese medical idea, any obstruction in the flow of chi in the body’s meridians can cause an imbalance in the body leading to illness. According to TCM, there are more than 2,000 TCM points available on the human body, which are connected by approximately 12 major meridians.

The all-natural circulation of chi assures a person’s basic state of wellness. TCM brings back uniformity in the flow of the chi throughout the body in addition to balancing metaphysical concepts of yin and yang.

Scientific Evidence

Some expert use neuroscience to explain acupuncture. Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary science that encompasses disciplines, such as medicine, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, linguistics, computer science, philosophy and psychology. TCM points are where connective tissues, nerves and muscles and can be incited. The incitement or stimulation triggers the body’s natural body pain killers and increases your blood flow.

Typical Chinese Medicine experts believe that TCM procedure stabilizes the flow to prevent discomfort from blockage or discrepancy of Qi. TCM specialists capitalize on body charts that reveal the meridians or networks where inner power moves to different parts of the body. These meridians represent the Western medication layout of the central nervous system as well as the circulatory system. Specialists use body graphs that disclose the meridians or networks where internal energy streams to different elements of the body.

TCM Uses

TCM addresses a wide range of health ailments such as migraine headaches, disease avoidance, depression, chemical reliance, anxiousness, health maintenance and rehabilitation. TCM experts utilize five basic approaches to medical diagnosis in their analyses:

  1. Olfaction (scenting)
    2. Examination (looking)
    3. Questions (asking)
    4. Palpation (touching)
    5. Auscultation (listening)

TCM includes several techniques designed to help clients preserve and accomplish wellness.


The benefits of TCM can be discovered in its efficiency as a non-invasive, drug-free method of decreasing the variety of physical problems. TCM benefits include:

  1. Provide pain relief to your back, neck and joint inflammation
    2. Few side effects
    3. Safe if used properly
    4. Can be combined with other therapies


Some risks involved in TCM procedure include:

  1. If the patient has a blood disorder or is taking blood thinners
    2. Soreness, bleeding, bruising can occur at the insertion site.
    3. Contaminated or broken devices


TCM is now making progress in the Western world. While every person may experience the procedure in different ways, studies find most individuals experience a marginal amount of discomfort where the needles are placed. TCM procedure typically is risk-free when using clean needles, when exercised by a qualified, skilled acupuncturist. It can provide pain relief to numerous parts of the body.