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NEW Speaker Announcement: STEPHEN BARTH


Stephen Barth is an American lawyer, professor, author, keynote speaker and entrepreneur. His presentations focus on topics including EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, positive leadership techniques, and methods for preventing liability in the hospitality industry and other customer service centered businesses (such as health care, sales organizations, corporate associations and more). Stephen has also developed numerous other presentations concerning success in the workplace and emotional competency, including Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, STEM the Tide of Litigation, Positive Leadership for Positive Performance, Enhancing Your Presentation Effectiveness, and Legal Updates for Lodging, Restaurant and Club Operations.

Keynote topic: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Studies have shown that up to 80 percent of future success depends on EI (emotional intelligence) rather than IQ. People and organizations have to understand what it is and how to apply it personally and professionally. Walk away from this presentation with a clear idea of emotional intelligence, together with a path to mastering it and utilizing it personally to cope with change and stress, and professionally in your organization to develop engaged, productive and committed employees. Mastering emotional intelligence is the key to unlocking your true potential as a leader, manager and communicator.

Previously announced: DAVID SAX

Digital promised to upend every industry—from retail to manufacturing, education to design. And yet, analog goods and experiences—tactile, lasting, human—are on the rise. David Sax has been the chief chronicler of this resounding shift both on stage and in his acclaimed book, The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter—named one of the best books of the year by The New York Times’ Chief Book Critic, Michiko Kakutani. With common sense and charm, Sax shows how digital’s one-size-fits-all promise is being complemented, enhanced, by a fusion of tangible, analog processes—and that this blend is most popular among digital giants: companies that live and die by innovation. Analog’s resurgence isn’t a throwback, Sax proves, or all about nostalgia. It’s about finding balance—both in how we work, and in our personal lives.
The Revenge of Analog has been long-listed for an Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence, and garnered enthusiastic praise for its blend of psychology, business sense, and old-fashioned reportage.  Publishers Weekly calls it a book with “a calming effect, telling readers, one analog page at a time, that tangible goods, in all their reassuring solidity, are back and are not going anywhere.” Douglas Rushkoff argues that it “makes a compelling case for the reclamation of terra firma and all that comes with it.”


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